Climate and Glacial History of the Novaya Zemlya
Archipelago, Russian Arctic


"This book should be of relevance to anyone studying the exploration, geography,
and ecology of High Arctic Islands"
Quaternary Research 59 (2003) 135–137

In French: "Pour la Science" May 2005

J.J. Zeeberg,
with contributions by
S.L. Forman, D.J. Lubinski,
and L. Polyak
16,5 x 24 cm
174 pages

Rozenberg Publishers
ISBN 90 5170 563 8
NUR 680
   € 20,00
2001   hardcover


1. Introduction
2. Historical observations and early hypotheses
3. Holocene relative sea-level history of North Novaya Zemlya and Vaygach Island
4. Size and extent of the last ice sheets in the Barents Sea: evidence from Novaya Zemlya and Vaygach
    (published in Quaternary Research)
5. Strength and variability of atmospheric and oceanic controls on Novaya Zemlya climate
    (published in The Holocene)
6. Post-'Little Ice Age' glacier retreat and glacier mass balance on North Novaya Zemlya
7. Climate variability of the North Atlantic Region, in fjord sediment and tree-ring records
    (published in Polar Research)
8. Some notes on the Archipelago's history of exploration
9. Search for Barents: evaluation of possible burial sites on Northern Novaya Zemlya
     (published in Arctic)

Into the Ice Sea